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Leading Plastic Automobile Components Manufacturer

The Journey to Excellence began in 1967, when the Polyplastics Group entered into the realm of Engineering Plastics with the establishment of a small tool room for manufacturing machined components. The very first component - co-axial spacers for telecommunication cables, developed with the support of UN aided tool room, made history in India and European Countries. STC London, the original collaborators of the Indian Manufacturers of Co-axial cables, were fully satisfied with the characteristics and performace of the product and they recommended our name to many of their licences in Europe. We started exporting to Finland, Austria, Italy and UK maintaining monopoly for several years. This made us win import-substitution award in 1987.

Polyplastics’ strong quality culture delivers highest quality products conforming to individual customer needs worldwide. Our Total Quality Management monitors quality control right from the initial stages of design and development to finishing and packing to ensure reliability of the highest order.

We control process parameters at each stage of production to ensure consistent quality in our products, which earns us the invaluable confidence of our OEM customers, who buy our components under their self-certification scheme.